Cramer 82 volt accu Ruggedragen bladblazer C82B1300

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82B1300 is the top model which offers you a peak performance that is truly amazing. The extremely high airflow rate and powerful blower performance allow you to clean large areas such as parking lots, sports facilities and urban areas in no time at all thanks to the variable trigger. 82B1300 is easy to operate because of its cruise control; giving the user the freedom of not having to keep the trigger pressed.


Motor Brushless

Luchtsnelheid (aan einde van blaasbuis) 69 m/s

Luchtstroom (aan blaasmond) 1.060 m3/h

Luchtstroom (in blaashuis) 1.300 m3/h

Blaaskracht (aan eind van blaasbuis) 24 N

Startknop Variable

Cruise control Yes

Boost functie Yes

Alleen met accu back-pack No

Gewicht 7.2 kg

Trillingen <2.5 m/s2

Aanbevolen accu 82V430 x2

Looptijd (82V220) < 50 min

Looptijd (82V430) < 100 min


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